Node 5: Lyon

Coordinated by Prof. P. Douek and managed by the PRES of Lyon through a local steering committee, Lyon node relies on an internationally-reputed environment in terms of research in pathophysiology of diseases and innovative Imaging development. Imaging research in Lyon is mainly organized around a multimodal imaging platform including equipment based at CREATIS on the scientific and technologic UCBL/INSA campus and at the medical campus Lyon-East at CERMEP that is actually carrying the coveted IBISA label “CERMEP-Imagerie du Vivant”. Hence, Lyon offers the scientific community a wide range of biomedical, pre-clinical (with a national veterinary school VetAgro Sup hosting small private contract research organization in animal imaging services) and clinical imaging services (see table of equipment in section 4.7.1). Moreover, Lyon holds some well-characterized and unique patient cohorts in neurology (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, CREATIS, stroke research unit), cardiology (CarMeN) with dedicated expertise in echocardiography and cardiovascular MRI and oncology. Indeed, Lyon obtained two “promising” IHU: CESAME: Brain, Mind and Mental Health Project, with dedicated funding for neuroimaging (leader F. Mauguière); OPERA: Organ Protection and Replacement (leader M. Ovize). In terms of methodological development, Lyon is involved in the domains of information, image processing, physics, chemistry, pharmacy, and engineering (see partner’s table section 3.2) and in the field of advanced therapeutics including one of the two National laureates centre dedicated to cancer and labelized in june 2011 (SIRIC of Lyon) and one hadron therapy project (“Etoile”). In terms of industrial environment, Lyon is a city where start-ups based on advanced technologies flourish, often stemming from academic-industrial partnership. Business incubators exist in the Rhône-Alpes region in the field of biotechnology (e.g. Lyon BioPole). Lastly, Lyon is holding one of the six IRT (Institut de Recherche Technologique) with a dedicated project on imaging devices for the localization of the infection sites.

Lyon boasts of several multidisciplinary scientific teams in the domains of medicine, physics, signal and image processing, biology, neuroscience and chemistry that have a strong and long-standing expertise in X-ray imaging as well as MR imaging and spectroscopy, successfully applied to preclinical and clinical studies. The existing platform of in vivo imaging mainly comprises of equipment located on two sites: CREATIS at the scientific and technologic Université de Lyon/INSA-Lyon campus and CERMEP located on the medical campus Lyon-East comprising the neurological, cardiological, pediatric/gynecological and psychiatric hospitals. Moreover, an interventional imaging center is planned in the near future at the Edouard Herriot Hospital.


Equipments (open and accessible)

Preclinical imaging

(open access percentage)

7T small animal

CERMEP (80%)

4.7T small animal


2T small animal


1 µPET/CT small animal

CERMEP (80%)

1 µCT small animal

CERMEP (80%)

3 sonographs

CarMeN (50%)

4 sonographs



Clinical imaging (open access percentage)


CERMEP (80%)

3T Primate in 2012

CERMEP (50%)


CERMEP (80%)


CERMEP (80%)


CERMEP (80%)


CLB-HCL (30%)

CLB-HCL Open to research equipment located at the Centre Léon Bérard (Fighting Cancer Center) in coordination with Hospices Civils de Lyon (Hospitals of Lyon)






Web site

Skills and contributions


Isabelle Magnin

High field MRI, multi-modal -scale imaging, image analysis and modeling, mass computing, geometric modeling, image guided radiotherapy, synchrotron CT, US 3D/4D imaging


(+Fondation Neurodis)

Gérard Gimenez


PET, MRI, MEG, acquisition, image processing, quantification, kinetic modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning (London)


Jean-Yves Chapelon


Non- or minimally- invasive therapeutic applications of image-guided ultrasound

Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon (IPNL)

Denis Dauvergne


High resolution photon detector development from keV to MeV energies. Hadrontherapy (ETOILE)

CarMeN, INSERM U1060/Univ Lyon1/ INRA1235/INSA/HCL

Hubert Vidal


Cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, diabetes and nutrition, translational research

CRNL, BioRaN and "Olfaction, du codage à la mémoire" teams, INSERM/CNRS/Univ. Lyon

Luc Zimmer & Rémi Gervais

Biochemical and radio-pharmaceutical assays in neurodegenerative processes; Electrophysio-logy, fMRI, optical imaging

LAGEP, UMR CNRS 5007/ Univ. Lyon

Yves Chevalier


Formulation and physical chemistry in pharmaceutical applications

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